An Occupational Injury Doesn't Have to Set You Back How to Avert Missing Out on Wages

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workers comp attorney Lithia Springs, GA wasn't something I thought about until I had my very first occupational accident a a few months ago. I was stocking the warehouse shelves when it happened. A coworker in the opposite lane was driving a forklift to place a pallet, and in doing so bumped a box of buttons off the shelf. The box crashed into my left shoulder. The jolt sent me to the floor hard. Right when I collided with the floor I knew something was horribly amiss. The agony was sudden and sharp. But my thoughts meandered elsewhere, because as a person lacking health care I assumed I wouldn't be able to afford health care in case my employer ascertained some way to avoid footing my medical costs for my newly dislocated shoulder. Let's just say I've never had much faith in upper-management. Luckily, that wouldn't be an issue. As it turned out, my company had smartly invested in workman's comp insurance. Basically I had no rational reason to fret. My hospital bills were soon to be paid. I was surprised to learn the insurance company would even reimburse me for lost hours due to my accident.